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To promote, support and ensure the future of Holocaust Museum LA.


To provide a platform for individuals who have one or both parents who were victims of Nazi persecution.


To continue our parents' legacy by stepping into the role of torchbearers.


To defend the truth of the Holocaust and inspire a culture of remembrance.

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A Holocaust survivor is anyone who survived the systematic, state-organized policy of genocidal mass murder of the Jewish community perpetrated by Nazi Germany and its allies and collaborators.  Any individual, Jewish or non-Jewish, who was persecuted, targeted, arrested, displaced and/or discriminated against due to the racial, religious, ethnic, social, and political policies and ideologies of the Nazi Government between 1933-1945 and survived is a Holocaust survivor.

In June, 2022,  I was invited to participate, as a long time HMLA docent, in a writing workshop for 2G’s.  I am always interested in interacting with other 2G’s and I like to write, so it seemed like a perfect combination for me.  What I did not know was what a meaningful experience this was going to be, one which I don’t want to end.  It has been so rewarding hearing the stories of my fellow 2G’s, getting to know others who come from a background like my own, and understanding their stories as they understand mine on a level of shared experiences.  As with most things I do at the museum, I always seem to receive as much, if not more, than I give and I want to thank our wonderful facilitator, Michele Gold, for leading us on this fulfilling journey.

Priscilla Schneider

2G and Holocaust Museum LA, Docent

Memoirs from 2G Writing Workshop 

The following mini memoirs were developed from a memoir writing workshop led by Michele Gold, a Holocaust educator and author, and Museum Honorary Director.

Holocaust Museum LA is excited to launch DOR, Descendants of Remembrance, a collective of children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors who seek to steward the legacy of their family history in order to connect through personal stories, inspire cross-cultural conversations, and educate against hate.

We are excited to launch the first training this Spring! All participants are expected to attend every session of the 5-session intensive training as well as complete the assigned reading and exercises. DOR@HMLA is a training program that will offer participants the opportunity to learn how to present an engaging, historically accurate, and educational presentation.

If you are interested in joining the first cohort, please fill out the following application by
April 3.

Training will take place Thursdays 2PM - 4:30 PM in-person. 
Session dates are April 27, May 4, 11, 18, and 25.


April 16 - 23 | 2023


Join Holocaust Museum LA's first March of the Living delegation designed for 2G families.

Holocaust Museum LA is proud to partner with the International March of the Living to organize the first delegation designed for 2Gs and their families. If you are interested in joining the March of the Living in Spring 2023, please contact Michael Morgenstern at, or (323) 456-5083. As torchbearers, we will remember those who perished and honor the legacy of those who survived.

3G@HMLA is a community for grandchildren of Holocaust survivors who are helping to shape the future of Holocaust remembrance and education. Our mission is based on memory, education, community, and social action, drawing on our own personal connections as stewards of our grandparents' legacies and the rich resources and support of Holocaust Museum LA.

Our 3G@HMLA group is committed to carrying on our grandparents' stories and legacies which live in our personal histories and in our DNA. It is our responsibility to remember, it is our responsibility to educate, and it is our responsibility to inspire. As a 3G group, we stand for commemorating our past, changing the future, and creating a world of mutual respect.  We teach how hate, discrimination, and prejudices lead to one of the worst chapters in human history. The Holocaust was a Jewish tragedy, but also a tragedy for all of humanity. What we do matters, and education helps us to close the gaps that divide us.

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