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3G AT HMLA is a community for grandchildren of Holocaust survivors who are helping to shape the future of Holocaust remembrance and education. Our mission is based on memory, education, community, and social action, drawing on our own personal connections as stewards of our grandparents' legacies and the rich resources and support of Holocaust Museum LA.

Our 3G at HMLA group is committed to carrying on our grandparents' stories and legacies which live in our personal histories and in our DNA. It is our responsibility to remember, it is our responsibility to educate, and it is our responsibility to inspire. As a 3G group, we stand for commemorating our past, changing the future, and creating a world of mutual respect.  We teach how hate, discrimination, and prejudices lead to one of the worst chapters in human history. The Holocaust was a Jewish tragedy, but also a tragedy for all of humanity. What we do matters, and education helps us to close the gaps that divide us.

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3G at HMLA is thrilled to join the Living Links network, in partnership with USC Shoah Foundation. Living Links is the first nationwide organization created to engage and empower grandchildren of Holocaust survivors. For the last two years, we have participated in strategy sessions and focus groups to develop Living Links’ three pillars:

  • Cultivate the 3G movement to ensure existing chapters thrive and new 3G communities develop nationwide;

  • Expand access to our acclaimed Speaker Training Program, created by 3GNY, which guides 3Gs to tell their grandparents’ stories in diverse communities, schools, and organizations to counter hate, bigotry, and antisemitism; create relevant programming to deepen our understanding of the Holocaust;

  • Develop the next generation of leaders committed to preserving the history of the Holocaust and speak out against contemporary issues of antisemitism and Holocaust denial and distortion.

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