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Museum from Home. 

Holocaust Museum LA's rich primary source collection was started by the founding Holocaust survivors and continues to grow due to the interest and dedication of the community to preserving the precious relics that weathered the Holocaust. The Museum collects original materials that document pre-war, wartime, and post-war experiences of all victims of Nazi persecution as well as items that depict experiences of Jewish refugees, liberators, perpetrators, and bystanders. Featured below are a few of the items recently donated to the rich collection of artifacts.

Visit the Archive 

We welcome students, historians, and researchers to utilize our rich collection of primary sources. If you are interested in visiting our Archive to research a specific artifact or collection, please read our policies and submit a research query. 

Digital Collection

We believe in free Holocaust education and research.  Our digital archive is available online for free; users across the globe can access and download digital versions of artifacts and documents that have been indexed and digitized. The digital Archival and Research Catalog enables the end-user to search archival record groups, collections, sub-collections, digital content, subjects, and creators. If you wish to use copies in research or for citation, please follow the below standards

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