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Holocaust Museum LA believes that through programs that value dialogue and learning, we can, together, build a more humane and dignified world. Injustice has no place in our mission, our work, and the world we envision. As a Holocaust museum, we stand in steadfast resolve against those who harm others because of who they are and what their history or identity may be.  By teaching students and the public to be prejudice and to discriminate, the Nazis and their collaborators set the stage for hatred and violence. At our museum, we teach students and the public to be empathetic, kind, and respectful in order to create a more dignified future.  
Our work is more critical than ever given the fragile state of today’s world, humanitarian and refugee crises, and the alarming rise in hate crimes and rhetoric.

The Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at Cal State San Bernardino found that Los Angeles “recorded the most hate crimes of any U.S. city this century” in 2021 alone. The Anti-Defamation League's recent audit reported a 34% increase in antisemitic incidents nationwide in 2021, averaging 7 antisemitic incidents each day.

We must take action and education is our greatest catalyst for change. Holocaust Museum LA’s mission is grounded in teaching students and visitors the critical lessons of the Holocaust and its continued social relevance, empowering them to speak out and stand up against hatred, bigotry, in all its insidious forms. We strive to build a culture rooted in kindness, empathy, and treating people with respect.


The Museum offers customized tours, artifact-rich and high-tech exhibits, tailored events, adult education programs, DEAI trainings and initiatives, and conversations with Holocaust survivors.

Talks and workshop topics that we offer include:

  • Antisemitism Past and Present

  • Understanding the 10 Stages of Genocide

  • Holocaust History Introduction

  • Jewish History before the Holocaust

  • Rescuers and Upstanders

  • Gender and sexual identity during the Holocaust​

Please contact for more information and set up a time to discuss a customized workshop. 

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