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To make a donation to the archives, please fill out this form. Please note that we only accept original primary source material related to Jewish life before the Holocaust, World War II, and Nazi Trials.


Documents, photographs, ID cards, and correspondence 

The museum collects original documents, photographs, and other paper artifacts that provide insight into the Holocaust, Jewish Life before the Holocaust, and a post-war Europe. 

Clothing and textiles

The museum collects garments and textiles worn or used during the Holocaust, including uniforms, patches, and other markings. 


Oral Histories

The Museum has collected oral histories with Holocaust survivors for decades. We acquire personal interviews in both video and audio formats and offer opportunities for Los Angeles area survivors to be interviewed. 



The museum accepts artwork created by Holocaust survivors that reflect their personal experiences. All artwork donations must undergo a review process.

Nazi Paraphernalia

The museum collects these artifacts on a case by case basis. We receive a large number of offers of donation for large scale Nazi flags, weapons, and medals and insignia, and therefore are only able to accept such items dependent on what is currently held in the museum’s collection, or the dimensions of the item.

Our rich primary source collection was started by the founding Holocaust Survivors and has grown due to the interest and dedication of our community.  The preservation of historical documents and artifacts is a crucial practice in understanding, teaching, and learning from history. Holocaust Museum LA is committed to the preservation and retention of artifacts in both physical and digital format. 

Primary sources are a core of our educational philosophy, and your donation can ensure that thousands of visitors continue to learn from precious artifacts that miraculously weathered the Holocaust. If you are interested in making a donation to the archives, please fill out this form. We collect original materials that document prewar, wartime, and postwar experiences of all victims of Nazi persecution as well as items that depict experiences of Jewish refugees, liberators, perpetrators, and bystanders. 

Please note, all donations are assessed on a case by case basis. We may request that you provide digital copies of items proposed to be donated in order to assess whether we can accept the donation. We are unable to accept inauthentic items, or artifacts without appropriate provenance.


Common Donations 

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