• Tue, Jan 19
    Inside the Acid Free Box: Symbols of Hate and the Nazi Propaganda Machine
    The swastika, the Heil Hitler salute, the Nazi eagle, the SS skull and crossbones, were all symbols of hate used by the Nazis to promote their notion of a racially pure ‘Aryan’ people, while simultaneously excluding and ostracizing groups they viewed as inferior.
  • Thu, Jan 21
    Building Bridges: Reflections on the Inauguration and Challenges Ahead
    As a new president takes office, America still confronts many familiar challenges as we look for ways to fight discrimination, increase diversity and improve race relations.
  • Fri, Jan 22
    Holocaust Survivor Talk: Michele Rodri
    Michele Rodri was a young child when Nazi Germany invaded her native France. Shortly after the occupation, a German soldier found her playing in the streets of Paris and sent her to the Drancy transit camp.
  • Tue, Jan 26
    Holocaust Education & Legislation: A Holistic Response to Antisemitism
    In anticipation of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Holocaust Museum LA welcomes Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY), Senator Henry Stern, Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel, and Dr. Hillel Newman, Consul General of Israel to the Pacific Southwest, for a discussion on combatting antisemitism.
  • Wed, Jan 27
    International Holocaust Remembrance Day
    Join us and our partners for a full day of events to commemorate International Holocaust Remembrance Day.
  • Thu, Jan 28
    Holocaust Survivor Talk: Joe Alexander
    From Kowal, Poland, Joseph Alexander was sent to twelve different concentration camps including Auschwitz-Birkenau.
  • Thu, Jan 28
    Italian Language Holocaust Survivor Talk: Ann Signett
    Born in Rome, Italy, in 1928, Ann Signett and her family fled to the mountain town of Alvito after Italy allied with Nazi Germany and anti-Jewish laws promulgated throughout the country. They spent several difficult months living there and concealing their Jewish identity.
  • Wed, Feb 03
    Building Bridges: Relearning What Civil Discourse Means
    Recent events in Washington and across the country have served as a stark reminder to the deep divisions that separate our communities. How can we learn to talk to each other and to move forward effectively?
  • Tue, Feb 09
    The Czech Scroll Story: World War II to the Diaspora
    The Memorial Scrolls Trust is a London based non-profit which oversees the legacy of 1,564 Czech Torah scrolls that survived the Shoah. After a miraculous story of survival, these scrolls arrived in London and were dispersed on permanent loan to caring communities around the world.

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