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In-Person Student Tour Reservations

Holocaust Museum LA is currently expanding our campus to accommodate more students and visitors. During construction, our bus drop-off lane is temporarily unavailable. After scheduling your school tour, you will receive detailed instructions on the alternative arrangement for buses and drop off. 

We kindly request that you allocate 20-30 additional minutes before your tour start time to accommodate the adjusted drop-off process. Your understanding and cooperation during this transitional phase are greatly appreciated.

Do any of the following apply to your students?
Age Level

Date & Time

We are currently not offering in person Holocaust survivor talks; are you interested in having a Holocaust survivor speak to your class virtually?
Type of transportation to / from the Museum


Rate your students' knowledge of the Holocaust

By clicking submit I confirm that I have read Holocaust Museum LA's Health and Safety Policy. I acknowledge that all participants of in-person tours must wear a mask. I acknowledge that I may not bring any more than 78 participants total (students, staff and chaperones). I acknowledge that all student belongings including lunches, backpacks and purses, excepting necessary medical supplies, will remain on the bus unless previously discussed. *

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