Recounting the Shanghai Jewish Story

On view through Sunday, August 28.

Hidden History tells stories of survival, courage, and hope of Jewish refugees in Shanghai before, during, and after WWII, including prominent individuals who made their mark in the United States after emigrating from Shanghai. This timely examination of the plight of refugees forced to abandon their home country as a result of persecution and violence speaks to the extraordinary spirit of resilience and resistance. Hidden History explores this multifaceted history of desperation, loss, and asylum through survivor stories and the photographic lens of prominent American photojournalist Arthur Rothstein, who documented the Shanghai Jewish community in 1946 for the United Nations.

Hidden History: Recounting the Shanghai Jewish Story is sponsored by the East West Bank Foundation and the Carl K. Moy and Linda C. Moy Family Foundation.

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Arthur Rothstein
Jewish refugees making matzah balls on a Chinese fire pot in the Hongkew ghetto