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Holocaust Museum LA has witnessed the horrifying development in Ukraine and stands with the victims of aggression and warfare. We condemn the use of false accusations of “Nazis” as a veil for violent actions and believe that history should be used to educate and not justify violence.

We as an institution pride ourselves as being stewards of truth and history.  As a Holocaust history museum, our archive holds thousands of documents showing what happens when ruthless leaders invade sovereign democracies.

Ukraine witnessed many atrocities during the 20th century, including the Holocaust and the destruction of countless communities and mass atrocities like in Babi Yar, right outside of Kyiv, where a Russian attack today damaged the memorial and killed Ukrainians. The victims of the Holocaust should not be forgotten and the victims of today should not be ignored.

The Holocaust teaches us the capacity of human beings to do terrible things to one another, but also shows us the capacity of human beings to be courageous and help their fellow human in the face of that.  We stand with the victims in Ukraine and ask that you join us.  

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