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At any one time, only a small percentage of our artifact collection is on exhibit in our Museum’s galleries. In this program, you can open the locked door of our archive for an exclusive peek at some of the artifacts in our vast collection. 

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A Behind-the-Scenes Look at

The Edith Flagg Collection

Tuesday / November 17 / 4:00 pm Pacific Time

Where would the world of fashion be without polyester? Born in Romania on November 1, 1919, Edith Flagg was a Holocaust survivor, fashion designer, and the first person to import polyester into the U.S. Edith spent much of her youth in Vienna attending school and later Holland, where she lived with her first husband Hans after they married in 1940. Facing increasing restrictions and discrimination with the Nazi invasion of the Netherlands, the couple went into hiding and soon after became members of the Dutch underground, securing false papers and helping other Jews evade Nazi capture and deportation. Edith would go on to assume a number of false identities, using these to make connections in the local communities and acquire food and other supplies to further help the cause.

Join our Vice President of Education & Exhibits, Jordanna Gessler, our Collection Manager, Christie Jovanovic, and special guest Museum Board Member and Edith's grandson, Josh Flagg, as they take a closer look at the artifacts in the Edith Flagg Collection and explore the life of this incredibly daring and courageous woman.

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