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At any one time, only a small percentage of our artifact collection is on exhibit in our Museum’s galleries. In this program, you can open the locked door of our archive for an exclusive peek at some of the artifacts in our vast collection. 

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American Jewish Liberators of World War II

Thursday / May 20 / 4:00 pm Pacific Time

As the Allied forces advanced across Europe, they confronted the truth and reality of the Nazis' genocidal aims. The unbelievable conditions the troops encountered and documented shed light on the full, horrific, and inhumane scope of the Holocaust and later played an integral role in the prosecution of Nazi officials for war crimes. For the 550,000 Jewish soldiers who fought in the US Armed Forces, their experiences fighting in the European theater were distinctive because of their religion.

In honor of Jewish American Heritage month, join our Vice President of Education & Exhibits, Jordanna Gessler, and our Collection Manager, Christie Jovanovic, as they take a look at archival collections that demonstrate the unique perspective of the American Jewish soldiers who fought in World War II and their incredible testimonies and artifacts that continue to act as an enduring and powerful record of the crimes of the Nazi era.

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