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A Message from Holocaust Museum LA CEO Beth Kean

The terrorist attack launched by Hamas against Israeli men, women, and children is the most deadly massacre against Jews since the Holocaust.

As Leon Uris wrote in his internationally acclaimed book Exodus: “Why must we fight for the right to live, over and over, each day the sun rises?”

The answer to that question is embodied in a social media post this morning by a 24 year old man who was a friend of my daughter’s in their Italy study abroad college program. On Instagram he stated that today was "a happy day ❤️❤️❤️" with a video of the attack on Israel.

Would he have felt the same if his classmates were in Israel and perished in the attacks?

Sadly, perhaps he would have.

These tragic moments of manifesting the explosive hatred of Jews may never end in the infinite continuum of humanity. But what we can do, not only as a Museum, but hopefully as a community, is educate all who will listen on the importance of tolerance and understanding.

In these dark days, we find some light in the messages from our Holocaust survivor community. 

How can you help?

Support Israel Emergency Relief Efforts

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