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"The model, this story, is not intended to be a tool for self-pity. It is intended to be a warning for humanity... to be on guard against forced of darkness, to be on guard against blind hatred and prejudice."
-Thomas Blatt

An innovative augmented reality application that focuses on primary sources from a Holocaust survivor of Sobibor. The Teacher Guide includes historical context to Holocaust history as well as resources to use with students regarding the history of the Sobibor escape, Thomas Blatt’s testimony, and the AR app developed by Holocaust Museum LA and Magnopus. The Teacher Guide will provide guidance on how to navigate this technology and use it to enhance lessons, including strategies for integrating the primary sources into teaching materials and facilitating classroom discussions. Teachers will be able to provide their students with a more immersive and memorable learning experience. Generously Sponsored by the The Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles.

Educators will:

  • Learn how augmented reality (AR) technology works in order to collect, organize, and utilize historical artifacts and information.

  • Receive various primary source lesson plans, which include artifacts, photographs, and Holocaust Survivor testimony used to document conditions of life and death in the camps.

  • Discover how Thomas Blatt’s story of survival reinforces the importance of using Holocaust education to inspire a more dignified and humane world.

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