The Ushpizin of the Silver Screen: 
Honoring the Visions & Voices of the Past

A Sukkot art installation located in Holocaust Museum LA's memorial garden outside in Pan Pacific Park. This public art piece, created in partnership with Reboot, focuses on the Sukkot tradition of the Ushpizin: inviting symbolic guests into the sukkah.

About the exhibition 

Opening Friday, October 2, The Ushpizin of the Silver Screen is a reinvention of the traditional Sukkah as an old-time Hollywood era movie house, projecting stories on screens to commemorate this unprecedented time and to give voice to the community. While capturing the culture of Los Angeles, the exhibit will transform our perception of the Sukkot tradition ‘Ushpizin” (inviting symbolic guests) and invite guests to think critically about the need to gather and come together.


While the sukkah will remain empty, symbolic of the separation we face daily, whether it be due to the pandemic, distance, or social injustice, it will present and invite diverse stories to be told and retold - throughout the year in a digital space.


The Ushpizin of the Silver Screen is a collaboration of Reboot and the Holocaust Museum LA, made possible with the generous support of CANVAS and organizational support from the Council of American Jewish Museums. .The work is part of the national project – Dwelling in a Time of Plagues – which makes new outdoor art possible at museum sites. To see other works visit


The exhibit will be open 9:30 am to 4:30 pm daily until October 9. Admission to the exhibit is free. All social distancing protocols will be observed.

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