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Slovakia was the first German ally to deport its Jewish residents as part of the Nazis’ genocidal plan to murder upwards of 11 million Jews. Slovak officials announced Jewish teens and unmarried adults up to 36 must register for work. Deceived by their own government, Jewish women were shocked to be locked up, strip searched, beaten, and forbidden to return home, where parents and families waited in fear, confusion, and worry. 997 young women and girls were the first Slovak Jews, with transports of Jewish men to follow, deported to Auschwitz-Birkenau, all sold for 500 Reichsmarks a person.


Who Will Tell Our Stories revisits the story of Slovak Jewish women during the Holocaust who were murdered, imprisoned, hidden, and forced to flee. Among those who turned their backs on their neighbors and citizens, we find the strength and fortitude of those who survived as well as rescued.
Through documentary and portrait photography, film, artifacts of the wartime era, and artistic interpretations, alongside historical documentation, we remember those who perished, honor those who survived, and declare our shared commitment to empathy and dignity for all humankind.

With special thanks to the Embassy of the Slovak Republic, Sereď Holocaust Museum, Jewish Community of Bratislava (ŽNO), Gabriella Karin, Regina Pretter and family, the family of Magdalena Altmann z”l, Martin Korčok, Jindřich Buxbaum, Alexander Wasserman, and Zuzana Riemer Landres.

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