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Our virtual tours take students on an immersive, virtual journey through the Museum’s exhibits from the convenience of their classrooms or homes.

Students hear firsthand accounts and personal stories of resilience and survival from those who lived through this dark chapter of history.


Our knowledgeable docents and staff are available to provide tailored, virtual lectures and customized programs for different age groups on various aspects of Holocaust history and its contemporary implications. Contact Claudia at 323-651-3704 or for details.

Use an iPhone or iPad to explore one of the most complex and unique objects in Holocaust Museum LA’s collection using augmented reality (AR). Download a scaled, architectural model of the Sobibor Death Camp, created from memory by Holocaust survivor Thomas Blatt, who was only 15 years old when he escaped from the camp.

Explore the Museum’s galleries on your own with this 3D tour of the Museum’s galleries.

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