• Inside the (Acid-Free) Box: Helga Blumenfeld's Hidden Artifacts
    Tue, Nov 30
    Of the rich collection of primary-source artifacts that survived the Holocaust, those created and held by Jews in concentration camps are among the most precious. Helga Blumenfeld was born in Berlin in 1925 to Hugo and Lisbeth.
  • Family Program: Art and the Miracle of Light
    Wed, Dec 01
    Virtual Workshop
    Celebrate Hanukkah as a family with a special art-making workshop led by Holocaust survivor Gabriella Karin. Born in Bratislava, Gabriella was hidden in a convent during the Holocaust and became an artist after the war.
  • Holocaust Survivor Talk: Sally Frishberg
    Thu, Dec 02
    Sally Frishberg was born in Urzejowice, Poland in 1934. During the war, at just eight years old, she and her family went into hiding. Initially hiding in fields, they ultimately were taken in by a Polish Catholic farmer who hid all fifteen of them until the end of the war.
  • Building Bridges: Black and Jewish Relations in LA
    Wed, Dec 08
    Black and Jewish communities in the United States have a long history of partnership in the fight for civil rights, and Los Angeles has its own unique history of biracial political cooperation. But even in the pursuit of common goals, no alliance is without its challenges.
  • Exhibition Opening – Ruth Gruber: Photojournalist
    Sun, Dec 12
    Los Angeles
    Holocaust Museum LA presents the special exhibition, Ruth Gruber: Photojournalist, celebrating the remarkable life and heroic tenacity of Ruth Gruber, a twentieth–century pioneer and trailblazing photojournalist.
  • How A Polish Diplomat Saved Jewish Lives
    Thu, Jan 13
    Los Angeles
    Ellen Meth never knew the name of the man who saved her life. She was just a child when she and her father, Jewish refugees who had fled to Turkey in 1940, were declared “Catholic” by a diplomat at the Polish Consulate in Istanbul, allowing them safe passage out of Europe.
  • The Shoah in North Africa
    Mon, Jan 31
    The Holocaust is usually understood as a European story. Yet, this pivotal episode unfolded across North Africa and reverberated through politics, literature, memoir, and memory—Muslim as well as Jewish—in the post-war years.
  • Determined: Virtual Screening and Q&A
    Wed, Feb 02
    Avraham Perlmutter was just ten years old when Nazis arrived in his hometown of Vienna, Austria. Hoping to keep him safe, his parents sent him to the Netherlands, but German forces were not far behind.
  • Unstoppable: Book Talk with Joshua M. Greene
    Thu, Feb 10
    After surviving Auschwitz and hunting Nazis for the U.S. Army, Siggi B. Wilzig came to America without a penny to his name. On arrival, he made three vows: to never go hungry again, to support the Jewish people, and to speak out against injustice.
  • Stranger/Sister: Virtual Screening & Panel Discussion
    Wed, Feb 16
    Stranger/Sister is the story of two ordinary women, one Muslim and one Jewish, who dare to believe they can join hands to stop the wave of white supremacist hate surging across the U.S.